Keeping the green…green! photo by Jack McNulty

Bright green soups in spring…yes please. Maybe some jade green pearls of peas on your plate or dark green asparagus. And let’s not forget about brilliant green dandelion leaves and young spinach. Is there a better way to express the season on a plate or in a bowl? Green just defines spring.

Green food makes spring-time eating more appealing.

But here’s the problem, that lovely green vibe is not easy to preserve. Far too often, bright green soups turn into unappetizing shades of grayish-green that leave you wondering how that happened.

The answer is all about acids — either naturally…

Seasonal and Local Shopping — More or Less
Seasonal and Local Shopping — More or Less
shopping at a farmer’s market — photo credit Jack McNulty 2019

Most of my favorite chefs, food writers and food-crazy friends more or less agree on one food principle: people should eat seasonal food that is produced locally.

I agree with this principal — it seems to me a worthy goal to pursue. But, as reality always reminds us, it is also full of ‘un’: unreasonable, undefined, unlikely and for many — unworkable and unusual.

The concept of seasonal eating unravels and becomes unreasonable for many because the playing field is not level. People do not have the same financial resources, access to the same food or even the same desire…

Jack McNulty

Professional cook who likes sharing tips, info, ideas & my thoughts about food (mostly plant-based), the latest geeky things of life & my experience with MS…

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